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International training of Ph.D. by Research in the Field of Tourism Management and Management
PhD of Tourism Management and Management is one of the courses in International Higher Education. The purpose of this course is to instruct specialized human resources required for management, economics and tourism by providing the scientific insights necessary for effective and efficient management of organizations related to this area. During this course, which is fully applied, skilled and researched based, scholars will become familiarized with the new findings of tourism management and economics as an independent academic discipline.
IAUP and the Caucasus University, Georgia, are the only organizer of short-term courses and Ph.D. in professional qualifications formally and exclusively for the development of higher education in the field of tourism and management.
This supplementary course is held with the exclusive license from International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and the Caucasus University in cooperation with the Qeshm University and State Management Training Center in Iran.
PhD by research scholars will benefit from the specialized training of internationally qualified professors in the field of business, and will receive an international and official diploma from the Union and the University upon completion of the course.
Due to the internationally accredited courses, graduates can benefit from its global privileges to attract and collaborate with transnational corporations.
Details of Tourism Management Ph.D.
Education system:
  • The Ph.D. Tourism Management education system is research-based, skill-oriented and experimental.
  • The duration of the Ph.D. course is up to 2 years and includes 6 seminars (18 credits) and research dissertations (18 credits), totaling 36 credits (612 hours).
  • From 6 Ph.D. seminars, 4 seminars will be jointly organized and 2 seminars will be held only for the field / discipline chosen by the scholars.
  • The PhD scholars are allowed to start their project at the same time as the training course after approval of the project subject in the specialty council.
  • PhD study method includes training, pathology, problem solving workshops, and ultimately the transfer of today's industry-leading experiments with research orientation
  • Scholars in this course are required to implement and execute the PhD project.
  • The Ph.D. dissertation will be written in English.
Title of Scholars' Research Project:
The title of the research project will be based on the choice of the type of Tourism Management Ph.D. major and will include one of the branches of the tourism industry as follows.
  • Travel and tourism agencies areas
  • Tour guides areas
  • Food and beverage areas
  • Pharmaceutical areas
  • Cosmetics area
  • Barber's shop and beauty salon area
  • Hospitals and health centers area
  • Clothing and textiles area
  • Restaurants area
  • Slaughterhouses area
  • Aviation Area
  • Maritime Transport Area
  • Rail Transport Area
  • Road transport area
  • Chain stores area
  • Handicrafts area
  • Insurance services area
  • Banking services area
  • Hotels and Resorts area
  • Recreation Facilities area  
  • Coffee Shops area
  • Dental services area
  • and other related disciplines
Purpose of Ph.D. Program
  • Developing higher education of graduates in management disciplines
  • Promoting knowledge level in the area of industry and service development
  • Promoting knowledge level of manufacturers
  • Promoting knowledge level of capital owners
  • Creativity, innovation and business creation
  • Promoting knowledge level of tradesmen
  • Future studies in the area of economics and tourism.
Content of Tourism Management PhD:
  • History and Theories of the Tourism and Economics
  • Methodology and research in tourism management (with trade approach in the area of goods and services)
  • Strategic planning in the development of trade in goods and services
  • Information technology of products, processes and services
  • Technology and advanced information systems management in tourism
  • Leadership in the economic cycle of trade in goods and services
  • Practical methods to ensure the legitimacy, quality, health, and originality of goods and services
  • Risk management in the area of commerce
  • Technical and commercial Management in the international area of products, processes and services
The techniques and skills of negotiations about international trade in tourism
List of Courses / Seminars:
  • Obligatory Courses: The Basics of Management and Advanced Marketing Management
  • Optional courses: advanced consumer behavior, advanced industrial marketing and advanced international marketing
  • In addition to the aforementioned courses, one course is also presented based on the scholar's selected field/ major, for example, opportunities for entrepreneurship or marketing of tourism services.
PhD admission specific requirements:
  • Having at least Master's degree or MBA.
  • Having executive management experience at least for 5 years.
Executors of International Ph.D.
The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)and the Caucasus University are international executors of this higher education program.
Place of holding Ph.D. Program
  • These programs will be executed in Tehran and Qeshm by enjoying Iranian and international professors.
  • Note: if another country is selected as research destination of tourism industry due to the requirements, the facts will be subsequently disseminated.
Cost of Ph.D. Program
Tuition fee of this program for academic year of 2018-2019 is IRR 350,000,000.
Program Privileges
  • Benefiting experience of competent professors of management and business area
  • Benefiting internationally standard trainings
  • Acquiring skill, knowledge and executive ability concerning research and development methods
  • Ability for making decision and solving challenging issues of trade in goods and services
  • Establishing an international communicative network for those who are interest in research in specialized areas
  • Receiving international and official doctorate degree from International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and Caucasus University
  • Valid for studies continuation in tourism doctorate academic program in all member state of IAUP as prerequisite of postgraduate studies
  • Introduction to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for taking advantage of the international business environment of tourism industry and trade
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The IAUP is an international union consisting of senior executives from universities and higher education institutions from all over the world. Membership in this union is limited to those who serve as the presidency or deputy of the world's most prestigious universities and colleges. The main goal and mission of International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) is to strengthen the quality of education of higher education institutions around the world. The IAUP mission also includes providing a global perspective on higher education, supporting effective networks among university presidents and promoting peace and international understanding through education. IAUP Partners are association of American Colleges and Universities, The American Council on Education (ACE), Commonwealth Universities Association, Asia Pacific University Association, World Academy of Art & Science, European University Association, International Association of Universities, UN General Information Center, International Bank Union of Research for Development, UNESCO, Mediterranean Universities Union, and Australian Universities.
President of the Caucasus University, Georgia, (Professor Kakha Shengliya) was appointed as the president of International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) on July 8, 2017.
Dr. Kakha Shengliya, President of International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

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