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Introduction of SITI 1 International Organization


This international organization is the only source of issuing operation certificate for the product standardization in terms of health, quality, Halal and authenticity. Approved by Iranian Society of Nondestructive Testing, and the Head of Iran Institute of standard and Industrial Research, the institute could achieve quality approval certificate –NACI/201 registered with international number of 1305212 at World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO). SITI1 is the only organization worldwide certified to approve Halal quality of products and processes is the only one certified to issue the product quality approval. It is also capable of monitoring the product and taking the relevant measures and by itself can issue quality product certificate. At the time being no other state and private organization can issue such a certificate of standard as none of even state-run organization could provide for practical requirements of receiving such a certificate. SITI1 is the only organization capable of issuing product quality certificate and enjoy 17065, 19933 and 17020 standards.

Product qualification and product standardization certificates will be issued in the following 22 sub-categories of tourism services:

  1. Travel agencies                            12. Maritime transportation
  2. Tour guides                                  13. Railroad transportation
  3. Food and Beverage                     14. Road transportation
  4. Medication                                   15. Chain stores
  5. Cosmetics                                   16. Handicrafts
  6. Beauty salons                            17. Insurance services
  7. Hospitals and clinics                18. Banking services
  8. Clothing and textiles                19. Hotels & accommodations
  9. Restaurants                              20. Entertainment centers
  10. Slaughterhouses                     21. Coffee shops
  11. Air transport                            22. Dentistry services

اطلاعات تماس

ساعات کاری : شنبه تا چهارشنبه 8:30 الی 17 - پنجشنبه 8:30 الی 12:30

آدرس : خیابان انقلاب ، پل کالج ، کوچه البرز یک ، کوچه البرز دو ، پلاک 20،ساختمان اداری

تلفن : 021-66485226

تلفن : 021-22809386

پشتیبانی : admin@siti1.org

خدمات : info@siti1.org

آدرس سایت : siti1.com

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